Happy Thanksgiving from HMG!

Thankful for good games.

Every year we take this third Thursday of November and say “let’s get the whole squad together, cook everything in the fridge, and eat till theres no space left in our bodies for food!”. It’s exciting, fun, and delicious. We celebrate this primarily as a holiday in which we give thanks for the world we live in, the people we inhabit it with, and the blessing we are provided in life. It’s a heart warming thing that we should do more often because we don’t share love enough. It’s become easy and habitual for us to share hatred and sadness as a source of humor. I myself am guilty. However, I think about the day we celebrate. The day that is representative of slaughtering and plundering an entire culture of people of their land and belongings just as much as it represents the birth of this country, which still has growing to do it, that we enjoy. I pray that everyone has people who care for them. I pray everyone has people they care for.

For some us those people exist within the games we play. Characters we have built an emotional connection with that is stronger than any human connection. Characters in games who’s lives we know more about then the person we work next to on a daily basis. And that’s important, because it’s still someone to care for. It’s part of a growing process. Every year during Thanksgiving I spend time with the family, and then I recluse myself into the games I love for hours. [Editors Note: Same.] I play through Metal Gear Solid. I’ll throw a few rounds in Tekken or Mortal Kombat. I’ll find some new recent action adventure or JRPG I haven’t finished (which is many) and get lost in their world. It’s therapeutic. It’s relaxing. It’s what we love.

I’m thankful I get to work with people who truly love playing video games. The entire Hard Mode Gamers team really loves to play video games. We’ve said it before, we aren’t journalists, we are just people who love to play games and want to share our experiences with other people who love games. That’s why sometimes our reviews don’t land within the typical review window. Thank you to all of you readers or listeners who give us a chance to express how we feel about these things we love. If help you make a decision on a game or think deeper about your experience thats even more amazing.

With that mushy stuff said, go get the food and play some damn video games!!! That’s what I plan to do all day. And if you want check out the video game song I released a few years back or check out my label mate Premo’s latest release.

November 24th, 2017 by