HMG @ E3 2018

By “at” we mean “recorded ourselves watching it”.

We had a LOT of E3 videos to put out, boys and girls. And they are varying degrees of quality, from short and sweet to painstakingly long and boring. But we had a lot of footage and it wasn’t about to go to waste. So we chose to put them all out and place them all here. So here it is, Hard Mode Gamers doing E3 the only way we know how to!

EA doesn’t know what people want.

Recorded live just before the Microsoft showcase, we prepare for the conference by recapping the severely disappointing EA press conference for E3 2018.

Sony fanboy tries to watch the Microsoft Conference (E3 2018)

And also argues about what does and does make a good trailer for a video game, we couldn’t stop arguing about that.

Idiots react to the Microsoft Press Conference E3 2018

Too many games! Too many games. Too many games! Tooooo manyyyy gaaames. Too many games! Toomany games. Too many games!

5 thing we got completely wrong about the Bethesda Conference.

Just before the show we made our predictions and couldn’t have been more wrong.

Bethesda Hater tries to watch the Bethesda Conference 2018

Vega doesn’t like open world games but he might play Rage 2 anyway. Fallout is right out though.

The Hard Life of Reviewing Videogames (BTS @ E3)

After a rousing viewing and live streaming of a Press Conference, we got right to work on the hard hitting journalism that makes us great.

Cancel Save changes Our reactions to Devolver Digital this year


Ubisoft shows us things that we immediately forgot about.

Ubisoft is just playing it safe, I think.

Sony has four amazing games for us

That was a pretty damn good conference.
Xbox had more games though. Weird.

Failed Square Enix Predictions!

This is all the stuff we got wrong about Square Enix just before their conference. Man was it disappointing.

Watch us watch Square Enix’s Show

It was really, really short. And terrible.

Square Enix: THAT’S IT???

SERIOUSLY? That was the lowest of low efforts. At least we got some Keith David out of it.

Chet never wants to edit E3 videos ever again.
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