HMG Podcast – Episode ONE w/ MegaNova Shizzle

PC or Console?

We know absolutely everything there is to know about World of Warcraft. In no way whatsoever were we in any way unprepared to talk about it. We also have the easiest quiz in the world which we’ll have to make 10x as difficult next time. “Wow that’s crazy!”

We don’t have an RSS yet as this is the pilot so for now if you’d like a recording, we have the file available right here on our drive.

Hi there. Are you a streamer? HMG wants to do a podcast with you. Email if you want come on. Or if you know someone who does stream and would love to come chat, send them out way. We are looking for good whole-hearted gamers like YOU, not net celebrities.

April 24th, 2018 by