Pawning Team Sonic Racing

Is it worth more than Mario Kart?

Hi I’m Chet Harrison and this is my pawn shop. Okay just kidding this a review page. Anyway, I like karting games but our pal Dale Desimone (Zeke) is an expert on these things and can tell us what we’re really dealing with here. Team Sonic Racing is a multi-platform kart racing game smart enough to release before Crash Team Racing pops up and takes over. Is this any good? YES*

*mainly for couch multi and it being multi-platform. It’s better than Mario Kart anyway. ^_-

About Zeke Gonzalez

"KingZ" is a true Hard Mode Gamer. People aren't entirely sure when he stops playing video games, up to and including while driving. But he can always be seen either hammering away at mobile games, the Switch, and binge watching episodes of The Office (often all at the same time).