Should I feel bad about ordering from Wish?

wish ordering bad

In my search to find out where gets its items from, I stumbled onto something. Apparently an old rumor implying that you could get the Wuhan flu from ordering because their warehouse is in Wuhan. It was an unusual “fact-check” site with the usual weasel words those types of site use, but I was lead to more information I could verify.

First of all, I’ve found that there’s really no risk of “The Coof” due to shipping times of products that leave China. The US Post Office and China Post game to an agreement that boils down to making China ship things in bulk packages. The virus itself can’t survive on the 3-4 week boat trips. But even so…

Secondly, I also found out Wish have warehouses in many other countries. Regardless of where you think the virus originated, it could be from one of many different Asian nations. And non-asian nations, which, speaking of that…

I also turns out, Thirdly, the company is based out of San Fran, USA. Wait, Wish is an American company? That’s interesting to know, who is benefitting the most from Wish then? Can’t say it’s the USA government OR the CCP. One constant is still certain, you cannot guarantee that child labor was or wasn’t used in the manufacturing process.

But this is interesting…

Why, because of certain American business models. While some companies had outsourced labor and manufacturing to China, that’s specifically for individual parts. Wish is just selling stupid crap nobody needs. In a way, Wish is basically just a direct-line into the Chinese manufacturers, for said crap (as well as eBay and Amazon).

This has lead me to conclude that it is “safe” to order from in that it’s an American e-commerce company, not “CCP based”, and same risk of virus as any other parcel service. The only thing again, sadly, is the child labor. There’s no way to tell if that’s how certain items were made.

Just do not buy digital storage devices from them, under any circumstance, shits always a scam. But “buyer beware” is essentially to shopping on that app. So that’s up to you if you wanna take a few risks just to save a few bucks.

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