Splatfest #4 RECAP – Dragons defeat robots.

Splatfest was a heckin ordeal. Science Fiction vs Fantasy? That might be a tough choice for many but for me the answer was simple. Sci-fi. It’s always been a big inspiration for all of my creative endeavors. But this time I didn’t do it alone. A friend of mine was able to play the Splatfest with me as we inkrolled our way to… well not our way to victory. Sci-fi sadly lost this rounds. And we definitely played out hardest. Last splatfest, I didn’t get to play much of Shifty Station, but that was different because in this month we got Shifty Station a solid 75% of the time. It was nice to do Moray Towers and Musselforge, they were there to break things up a bit but it was still a lot of the same map over and over again.

Below are the highlights of the night:

So yeah, looks like Fantasy won this round. I swear sometimes these numbers are just made up, they are always so close to each other. Yet when walking around the square, all I saw was sign after sign after sign of pro-team-fantasy. Fun news for me, I’ve finally level 10 which means I can play the “real game”, which I have on good authority is not that great. Stellar.

November 22nd, 2017 by