2019 Was Awesome I Hated It
March 6th, 2020 by Kurt "Chet" Christel

A final reflection on the games of 2019. It’s a bit late to talk about last year but I filmed this a month ago and it needs to be seen. Consider this a preamble to the HMG redemption arc.

I hate 2019, it was awesome.

2019 WAS AWESOME, I HATED IT.a final reflection on the games of 2019. it's a bit late to talk about last year but I filmed this a month ago and it needs to be seen. consider this a preamble to the HMG redemption arc.

Posted by Hard Mode Gamers on Friday, February 28, 2020
2019 Was Awesome, I Hated It.

That’s right, 2019 was awesome, I hated it. As of right now, YouTube sucks so I’m going to be sticking with Facebook Watch or any other non-YT video hosting platform. Plus, the FB page is where all the memes are at, so follow the video to my page and SMASH THAT LIKE.

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sekiro shadows die twice review
April 16th, 2019 by Vega Montanez

It’s been a long time since the Feudal Japan era had some new skin in the game of gaming.

Tenchu was the king of the PS1 era. Then Ninja Gaiden stole the throne. And now we have a new challenger. Developed by From Software, of Dark Souls fame (and Tenchu for real old heads), Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a third person hardcore action RPG published by Activision. With a lot of similarities, many people have been comparing it very much to the Souls Series since its release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 22nd, 2019. Is the story, action and adventure worth the intense challenge?


Without question, Sekiro takes place in one of the most interesting worlds in video games, especially of recent. Vast mountains and beautiful landscapes turn from peaceful scenery to bloody battlefields in seconds. The development team at From Software definitely put their all into balancing the feel and look of the environments. But, even with all that effort, graphically it isn’t doing anything unexpected or dazzling. The character animations are mostly incredible, which is critically important for a precision based game. However, Sekiro never feels as stunning to look at as some of the other games released this generation.

STORY: 2/2

Twists and turns galore in this adventure of how a lonely boy gets adopted by one of the most dangerous men on the planet. Actuallym it’s even crazier than that. It’s really a master shinobi adopting an orphaned boy and making him a master Shinobi. Then that new master Shinobi being tasked with protecting the legacy of the Ashina family. Seriously, the game gets so deep in the lore that its damn never impossible to really explain it without spoilers. All that needs to be noted is that the story is fire. 🔥🔥🔥 Need further validation? Every single thing you find in the world, key item or plain inventory, has a story attached to it.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice |
From Software

AUDIO: 2/2

It’s always important to remind oneself that no-one could ever truly say what the past sounded like. But, when a company makes their world so realistic that people are willing to debate the realism, they win. In this case the sounds in Sekiro win. There’s an immediate tension generated deep inside when the sound of a blade draw comes whirring out the screen. Or the way the blood splatter and gurgle just make skin crawl. The most important sound in the game however, is the giant roosters cooing. Those damn roosters.


Precision, Precision, Precision! Every single step in Sekrio: Shadows Die Twice is about precision. But unlike past games Souls games, the Wolf is extremely agile. And that’s what makes the game great. The precision strikes feel that much more satisfying when everything feels like it’s happening at mach speeds. On top of the standard gameplay most souls devotees are familiar with, Sekiro has a very strong emphasis on stealth. Shouldn’t be much surprise considering the game is based on the ninja (aka Shinobi) and samurai, but man did they nail it.

The single stand out super feature of the game is by far the prosthetic arm. In all its gadget filled wonder, it adds an additional element of action to the game. At times it’s easy to feel like SpiderMan swinging through the air with the grappling hook. Meanwhile, the various other upgrades bring elements from other incredible heroes and warriors to the forefront. Without spoiling too much it’s important to note that a lot of the upgrades can be missed entirely. In true Souls fashion however, these boss battles prove to be controller breaking tough. And your tiny little health bar leaves very small room for error.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice |
From Software

FUN: 2/2

Stealth crawl through tall grass. Hang off the ledge and shimmy across to the other side. Come up and stab samurai through his damn chest. Oh, not a fan of stealth? Hang on, let’s try a different scenario. Walk calmly across the battlefield. Make eye contact with samurai. Draw blade and assume posture. Block then parry samurai’s strong offensive. Slice samurai off balance and stab him in his face. How’s that? See there are so many ways to approach any battle in this game that all play styles work. Want to rush in to battle and take on three samurai at a time, feel free just strike with precision. Want to run across rooftops and drop down on unsuspecting monster size targets to avoid a long battle. Go for it.

It is incredibly easy, once you get the hang of things, to get lost in the captivating world that From Software has created for hours. Even the enemies that look the same all approach battles differently. Almost as if their personalities are on display just as much as their swordsmanship. Despite what the media is saying, this game is not terrifyingly challenging. It is for sure realistically dangerous. One wrong move and its death. That rollercoaster thrill is fun.

The quiet pairing of From Software and Activision created a game the world needed. The redemption of the ninja and samurai. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the unofficial spiritual successor to Tenchu. And despite all the games being great, except for Tenchu Z of course, this one ended up so much better. Sure, it might be a bit more challenging than the standard third person game but it’s worth the price of admission. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a must have for any gaming fan’s library.

SCORE: 9/10

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black ops 4 review
December 26th, 2018 by Vega Montanez

Every year gamers are treated to a very familiar lineup of games for the holiday season. This year Activision decided to shake things up a bit. First they announced the latest Call of Duty installment from developer Treyarch would arrive without a single player campaign. Then they announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 would be releasing a month earlier than normal. And finally they announced no shooter would exist without a challenge from the money backed behemoth. Watch out Fortnite, Black Ops 4 has a Battle Royale mode. Available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 ditches single player for a full multiplayer experience. Does it work?


Activision still understands blockbuster video games and the fans of said blockbuster video games. They still know how to put the pressure on developers to make sure the games look good. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is confidently the best looking Call of Duty game of all time. It’s especially impressive because the whole game is online. Unlike previous games there are no scripted moments to use super high fidelity cgi on and then revert to in game. Replicating locations and battlefields from previous games in better quality makes the nostalgia feel justified. Seeing all of this big money quality pushed into a battle royale made even more of an impact. Up until now most Battle Royale’s looked like games in development. Black Ops 4 is the first game with a battle royale that looks complete.


Doesn’t exist. Get over it. It’s sad but just move on. Seriously though, the lack of a true single player campaign is a bit of a bummer. Instead the team at Treyarch included a set of tutorials that feel like the independent special op missions from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. It’s a fun experience for anyone who gives it a try but it doesn’t really provide any reason for anyone who’s ever played Call of Duty before to dive in. The Zombies mode also provides a little bit of plot for those really in need but it’s of the same quirky variety as past games. Maybe next time they’ll be kind enough to include some true single player content.

AUDIO: 1/2

Sound design has always been a weak point for the Call of Duty franchise. Even with the best voice actors and top notch musicians, sound has always felt like an after thought. Black Ops 4 is an exception to the run with very little to brag about. The lack of a single player campaign makes it so the focus of sound design was about creating ambience in multiplayer maps. That was done extremely well making certain perks all the more useful. It also translated well to the zombies mode allowing for certain areas to feel scary enough to add a new layer to the mode. Now the dark corridors provide a slight intensity. The voice acting was decent in the areas where it made sense. It’s hard to tell how good it was though because zombie mode dialogue has always been cheesy.


The Black Ops series has been a major fan favorite in the franchise and with the latest installment it’s super easy to see why. Despite not adding a ton of new mechanics to the game, the team at Treyarch added just enough. Reusing maps from previous games would be awful under most conditions, however in Black Ops 4 it’s great. Not only because of the updated graphics but also because of different weapons, perks, and equipments. Using a fully powered nine-bang has significantly more impact than a standard flash bang. That difference represents entirely new tactics for playing fan favorite maps in 4k. Call of Duty doesn’t sacrifice anything its great at to make space for anything new. Even the battle royale mode feels completely polished and fresh. It’s everything a certain other super serious battle royale wanted to be. Oh, and there are zombies in battle royale.

FUN: 2/2

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 as a Party game after a long day of work is a hell of a great time. Solo after a long day of work, not quite as enjoyable. Do not misunderstand that statement. Call of Duty is still super fun for all the solo gamers who just like to kick back and play games. However, this time more than ever, the game is designed for people who love the multiplayer experience. The closest thing to a story in the game are the shenanigans taking place in the zombie mode. The zombie menace is an equal threat to all. The ridiculousness of every single chapter makes for a constant stream of fun. The debate on whether Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a good game will go on for ever. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 being a fun game can not be

Call of Duty returns to the forefront of online military warfare. It avoids sending any soldiers to the single player battle where it’s already lost to all the other great titles this year. Precisely aiming its sights at any competition that thinks it stands a chance against the unmatched wallet of Activision. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 delivers everything the core fans of the series expect plus more. Even if thats at the expense of the casuals who just wanted a single player military based story campaign to play through.

Score: 7/10

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black ops 4
November 3rd, 2018 by Vega Montanez

Best Battle Royale mode ever!

You know, Black Ops has been the frontrunner in FPS games for a long time. It was only a matter of said time before they made a Battle Royale game mod. But it’s a good mode, along with several other great modes. Check the video on what we think.

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May 19th, 2018 by Vega Montanez

Kill Confirmed!

It’s officially official ladies and gentleman. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will be arriving this fall, sans single player campaign. One of the top selling franchises year over year is completely abandoning it in favor of the super popular Battle Royale. For those still attached to the idea of enjoying a game by themselves at home this could be very disappointing at first. However, after a ton of thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that this could be a very good thing. Now before you grab your tiki torches and plan your attack allow me to explain my thought process for just a moment.

First, unofficial data has shown that less than 50% of Xbox players have actually completed a Call of Duty campaign. Yes, I’m going to use the Xbox data as a Playstation fanboy, get over it. With that said, this is not an attempt to bash the Xbox player base, it’s actually almost the opposite. Historically, Call of Duty has been an Xbox favorite. Even with the recent attempt to transition the audience to Playstation, most people still rather play their first person shooters on the green machine. Ask Chet if you don’t believe me. It makes sense for Activision to spend less money on a part of the game that, hypothetically but realistically speaking, most players are completely ignoring. In no way am I defending the decision but I can totally understand the business move.

Which leads into my second point. Battle Royale is huge right now, but technically its still an indie game concept. I mean even the most popular Battle Royale game, Fortnite (sorry PUBG I know how much that hurt to read), was just a crazy idea thrown into a game that was very different to begin with. See, I bet you didn’t even know Fortnite is a totally different game than Fortnite: Battle Royale. That means that Activision has officially positioned Call of Duty as the first AAA Battle Royale game on the market. Seriously, think about it for just a couple seconds. Activision, although tightlipped about how much they spend on development, is known for throwing millions into every game every year. You think the random partnership with Marvel was amazing, let’s see what the people who have the budget to work with Hollywood actors regularly can do. The same people who can assemble some of the most iconic actors of all time to be apart of a secondary game mode (Zombies) can pull off a Battle Royale. Graphics, content, scale, network, literally every aspect of the game just received a small loan of a million dollars. Not collectively either, that’s each.

More importantly for me though is my third and final point. Free up some writers. Call of Duty campaigns have had some pretty crap writing but, there have also been some gems. Black Ops 1 is still my favorite FPS campaign to date, and I finished Crysis 2. And played Bioshock. Oh and Borderlands (a little bit). I mean I can list my credentials if need be but we can all pretty much agree that the campaign from Black Ops 1 is the reason most of us are fired up about the team that gave us that are not giving us more. I choose to look at this as an opportunity. Now without the pressure of having to write a story around the multiplayer component, which is always what it feels like, maybe some writers will have free reign. Maybe focusing Call of Duty on Multiplayer puts us in an alternate universe where Activision produces a FPS series with the powerful storytelling found in Spec Ops: The Line. Got your attention now huh?

Don’t get me wrong, I know this perspective is wildly optimistic but thats kinda my thing. At the end of the day, I believe the campaign was cut to focus on building what may end up being the best Battle Royale on the market. Maybe the business monsters at Activision are secretly working on a campaign mode DLC that they will try to sell us a few months after release. Not sure why I said try though. Or maybe, honestly.

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May 11th, 2018 by Kurt "Chet" Christel

This is an opportunity!

If there really isn’t going to be a campaign in Black Ops IIII then this might be the time for another developer to step up to the plate. We have one particular franchise in mind that needs to be re-rebooted.

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November 27th, 2017 by Vega Montanez

A true return to form.

Franchise fatigue is the first word that comes to mind for a lot of people when they think about annualized titles. Every year the holiday season is filled with a lack of diversity. Christmas list for gamers are quickly flooded by the latest title in the long running franchises. For most, this leads to an uninteresting experience because nothing feels new. Call of Duty however manages to strive on this and find success year over year and WWII is no exception to the rule. Published by Activion and developed by Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software, Call of Duty: WWII brings the series back to its roots. Released on November 3rd, 2017 for Playstation 4, X-Box One, and PC Call of Duty: WWII makes every effort to make the old new and shocking.


Activision understands blockbuster video games and the fans of said blockbuster video games. They know how to put the pressure on developers to make sure the games look good. Call of Duty: WWII looks incredible. Save for a few texture loading issues that were sporadic but frequent it was hard to distinguish between game and film in many situations. A lot like the Justice League movie, but in a good way. Replicating locations and battlefields was extremely believable and it remained difficult to turn eyes away from the screen. Explosions, gunfire, acting, trees, sand, dirt it all looked alive and real. Of course it would be silly to say it looks as good as Battlefield, but it’s not to far behind.

STORY: 1/2

Band of misfits throughout America become close friends as they go through the terrors of world war. That sums is it all up. The story hits on almost every possible army tale trope. Squad leader with a dirty past. Squad leader with a heavy commitment to his teams livelihood. Risk taking member of the team who the team doesn’t fully trust. And most importantly there’s a member of the team with a loved one he left back at home an bad terms. Uh-oh. The story is so simplistic that those might actually all be spoiler. The story is not inherently bad, its just extremely predictable and uninteresting. It never takes away from the experience as a whole so it shouldn’t be looked at as a major problem in the game. It does a great job of setting up exciting action-packed Hollywood moments for sure.

AUDIO: 1/2

Bullets flying through the war zone, explosions surrounding everything that felt safe, and flames engulfing everything in site. Those sounds needed to be more heavily introduced. The surround sound placing was great, but most of the time the environment sounded very thin. Certain sounds like bullet shatter through different materials or the depth of explosions rumbles were shallow and lacking. Screams and commands often felt overpowering and although the voice acting was very good some lines felt out of tone. Online footsteps were pretty accurate, during the campaign they seemed very misplaced and made tracking enemies extremely inconsistent. Not sure where the discrepancy resulted from but it was definitely noticeable. To sum things up the sound as a complete package was never a major distraction but certain individual elements made for a less then perfect experience.


It would be very hard to say that a series that practically created an entire gaming mechanic hasn’t mastered it. WWII proves that the development team has a great hold on the first person shooter gaming mechanics. Everything from the layout of the control (yes they’ve been the same forever, that’s the point) to the fluidity of the inputs, everything feels incredible. Movement is smooth and accurate. The buttons are responsive and input lag seems nearly non existent. It’s nothing short of a wonderful experience. Especially without all the super jumping. Perhaps grounding the game back in reality or the older settings was the smartest move. Boots on the ground indeed.

Online, the network was very stable by the time I played. Nothing new or adventurous outside of the maps. Even some of those felt like minor updates of older maps from the first three games in the series. All the great modes like Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, and Search and Destroy are still in and over course the fan favorite Zombies is back as well. Zombies once again sports a full story for its Zombie mode which is pretty exciting in itself. The only weird thing was the blatant and meaningless Destiny copy with its the third person view at the camp before matches begin. Too soon Activision, too soon.

FUN: 2/2

The reason millions of people flock to Call of Duty every single year without hesitation or reservation is because of how much fun the game is. Every development team manages to make every aspect of the game a competitive and exciting experience. Whether mowing down enemy target to end World War 2 in the campaign or going toe to toe with a friend in a no scope rifle challenge online each ending feels just as rewarding. The zombies mode tends to offer a more impactful feeling of euphoria by telling a more heroic story. The hero is saving a country or a few hundred thousand people, he’s saving the world. The zombie menace is an equal threat to all. That’s the best part, it’s so broad and open it allows the imagination to run wild and create it’s own story in place of the not so great one already being told. Party game or solo after a long day of work, its going to be a great time.

Franchise fatigue hits everyone differently so it can be very difficult for a developer to figure out what the best thing to do with a new entry in the series is. The decision for Call of Duty to go back to the past was a powerful gamble that definitely worked out in their favor. The game plays incredibly well, feels extremely fresh, and welcomes new players into the old with a simple story to play through. The audio could have used more work, but it still gets the job done which is equally as important.

SCORE: 8/10

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October 19th, 2017 by Vega Montanez

Grind time. Maybe you should just watch instead.

It makes sense in context.

Okay it doesn’t.

But it’s not clickbait.

It kind of is but we address it.

We’re just saying it’s more fun to watch than it is to play, ok?

Also, that’s what passes for a plot now, is it?

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October 3rd, 2017 by Vega Montanez

Shooting and looting again.

The best way to follow up a successful game is to simply repeat the formula. That is exactly what the team at Bungie did with the release of the highly anticipated Destiny 2. It is an online only multiplayer first person shooter set in a post apocalyptic space future. Published by Activision, Destiny 2 is the latest in a series with a 10 year support plan. Within the mythic space story players assume the role of a Guardian tasked with protecting Earth’s last safe city. Released on September 6th, 2017 Destiny 2 has reignited a spark of excitement in its already massive community of devoted fans. How does it do inviting new kids to the club though?


Imagining what it feels like to walk on the moon or flying through space is a simple task. Bringing that sensation to life is an entirely different task. It is a task that the team at bungie has been doing successfully since the Halo days. Destiny 2 is no exception. Visually, the game is incredibly stunning and beautiful. Every aspect of the experience looks like it deserves to be where it was placed. Although, the repetitive nature of the gameplay takes away from the excitement induced by the scenery, it does not damage the scenery itself. Locations and equipment are the true champions in the game because of how vivid and natural they look. If only there were a few more enemy designs to really explore the level of detail that Bungie can focus on.

STORY: 1/2

When Destiny originally launched in 2014 there was an immense outcry from the audience over the lack of a valid campaign mode for the game. Fast forward three years and Destiny 2 provides much clearer narrative. Clear does not make better unfortunately. This time around the development team put a good amount of emphasis on the story but it is still very lacking. A lack of character development and interesting plot twist make it very hard to enjoy the possibly immense lore behind this game. There are still way to many unanswered questions and more come rising the further you go down the rabbit hole. And not to beat a dead horse but the lack of any coherent character development makes it even more difficult to emotionally connect or care about what happening on screen. The plot is definitely not the worst thing ever written but it definitely doesn’t accomplish what it should or could have. For now it seems the true plot twist for Destiny will continue to be that there is no plot twist and every lore about the game is pretty much made up by the fans.

AUDIO: 2/2

Similar to the success Bungie had recreating something visually real that very few people have ever experienced they nailed the sound designs. It’s hard to believe anyone has ever shot or heard the shot of a laser rifle, but Destiny 2 makes the player feel this false memory. It would probably be more difficult to convince a hardcore Destiny 2 player that a laser doesn’t sound the way it does in the game then vice versa. The music was appropriately ambient and the fade outs during intense moments absolutely created the suspenseful feeling the visuals were showing. When playing in surround sound, the living room quickly turns into a high intensity battlefield set in a distant location in space. The excellent combination of sound design and visual fidelity make every breathtaking moment truly feel like there is no air in space.


Land. Kill. Loot. Repeat. That is the entire premise of every single MMO and Destiny 2 is no different. In fact it is so identical to the first iteration that it occasionally borders on excessively repetitive. For hardcore Destiny fans this is fantastic, for everyone else it is merely ok. A major issue for players who aren’t as heavily invested, the gameplay gap between the wide range of players becomes huge very quickly. As a sequel to a pretty successful game to much change shouldn’t be expected however there seemed to be a lack of anything refreshing.

FUN: 1/2

When taking on a challenging raid with a few great friends Destiny 2 is an exciting adventure. The moment those friends move to a light level to far ahead of your own, the game immediately becomes less interesting. It is still a fun game for the most part with tons of customization and socialization features but it does lack that dazzling touch. Perhaps if the story would have been a little more interesting it could have been more pulling. It is still a great source of relief thanks to the endless army of alien soldiers to empty clips into.

Destiny 2 is by default better than its predecessor. That does not excuse Destiny 2 for failing to be the very best it can be. By no means is Destiny 2 a bad game, but it does still seem to need a little bit more fleshing out to be great. Luckily it can follow the path of the original game and continue to grow as time passes through the annual add on content. Becoming a legend or rather “Becoming Legend” is still well within the realm of possibilities for these guardians.

SCORE: 7/10

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September 29th, 2017 by Aaron "Pharaoh" Timas

A better experience than the film.

Amazing Spider-man 2 was published in 2014 by Activision based on the Marvel Comics’ Spider-man and the film of the same name. It was developed by Beenox, which was purchased by Activision in 2005. It’s license has expired so for gamers that means it is only available in disc form, either new or used. In this game you play as both Peter Parker and Spider-man. You have to make sure you are a“hero” or you will constantly be the target of the Criminal Task force, financed by Fisk Enterprises. There is a bar that will always let you know where you stand with the city. There is a story mode, side missions and collectibles that could consume time as you feel compelled to
help citizens as Spidey would.


Not the most picturesque of games, but the graphics work as should. As Spidey can go into “Spidey Sense” mode, the alternative view with heat seeking capability is really decent for cutting through landscapes. As Peter Parker, things slow down and you can tell you’re at the
movies. Athough I played this and all games without 4k capability, I’m going to safely assume thousands of dollars wouldn’t help this game much. I will say, when you see Stan Lee at his comic book stand, you will definitely recognize the Marvel superstar.

STORY: 1/2

This story is LOOSELY based off the movie. That being said, it has similar enemies but with some character development that’s very different from the mainstream film. For instance, Spidey befriends Kraven for a short time, a villain we do not see in the actual movie. Anyway, Harry is an old friend, but there is a mysterious disease that keeps him and Peter at ends. Over of course of the game, Harry believes the elusive web slinging hero’s blood is the only thing that can save him if he were to try cross species experimentation. Without going into into detail the story does run its course pretty quickly. The game’s replay value is low, but the game is quite enjoyable. It
is a game everyone in the family might like to play, or someone with many friends. I suspect that the reason the game was abandoned was due to licensing issues. Otherwise DLC may have been supported to extend the game further.

AUDIO: 2/2

Everything in this game sounds as it should. Music scores play at the right times, and thugs getting knocked out sound palpable. Peter always has funny quips with great timing. I found the boss fight with the Kingpin to be one of the funniest I have had in awhile. Fat jokes at the towerof a man only enrages him into bull runs, it seems. Plus when Kingpin gets a hits in, he will aptly ask where are the “fat jokes” now.


The game runs with the basic formula of counters and combos that you’ve seen before. What is unique is the way Spidey can zip away at convenient times and heal himself with webs. Also, the game has different suits with different bonuses and resistances. Getting to acquire different Spider-man costumes from different marvel arcs included a stealth mechanic that was both challenging and fun to figure out. Boss battles can actually pose a challenge, and I did find myself having to redo a couple. The side missions are actually challenging too, and collectibles have tidbits of comic book knowledge for fans as well.

FUN: 2/2

All in all I enjoyed the playthrough. The game got the job done. Everything worked as it should, and the availability of stealth mechanics made this game a puzzle at times. Even being a hero was challenging with the amount of time given to zip to certain places. And I couldn’t stop a bomb threat to save my life, I actually had to do other side missions to make up for this which I found funny. I had fun in the different suits, and the “Arkham style” combat. It has been a successful mechanic I have enjoyed across many games.

Well done, Activision and Beenox.

SCORE: 8/10

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September 18th, 2017 by Vega Montanez

iPhone news, and Bethesda announces more Switch ports.

Another week has passed and Nintendo has made another strong play for all of our gaming attention. I mean how could we expect anything less? Nintendo showed up to 2017 with all intentions on smashing the competition. Not getting a stupid draw like the Canelo vs GGG fight but a full on technical knockout like Mayweather V McGregor. Fear not however, there is so much other news alongside the Nintendo assault.

1. It’s the return of the wolf goddess!

After it was prematurely leaked last month, Capcom had no choice but to announce the official return of Amaterasu! For those of you sad sad people who do not recognize the name, it means you have a second opportunity to experience the masterpiece Okami. And this time in HD. The game is literally about running around as the goddess Amaterasu in wolf form, painting life back into the world. That sentence still doesn’t do this game justice, but for only $19.99 believe when I say this is one of the greatest games you’ll ever play. Make sure you paint the world beautifully when the game releases December 12th on all consoles.

2. From the creators of Grow Home and Grow Up comes an online FPS.

Sharing only a unique colorful art style, the latest title from Ubisoft Reflections is Atomega. Don’t let the lack of the word Grow in the title fool you, this game will still have you growing your Exoform all the way up from small sphere to enormous robot. What makes it even more amazing is this all new gaming experience will be available on Steam on September 19th. Fellow gamers, at this point I would like to publicly say it’s going to be a busy holiday season.

3. ThatGameCompany sure knows how to name a game…

Introducing the latest title from the masterminds who brought us Journey, Flow, and Flower this new title is all about romance. Or something like that. I guess I should give you some official info now. Sky is being touted as a romantic social adventure game in which you play as the children of light with a goal of bringing light to where it is most needed. The game will support up to 8 players and will be launching first on Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. No mention of how long the launch exclusivity is or if other platforms the will get the game, but given the relationship with the Playstation brand I’d bet we will see it on PS4 soon.

4. Speaking of That Computer Company…

It was a huge week for Apple fans who like to play games on their devices. During their annual iPhone event, Apple once again dug deep into Gaming and AR technology. At the event they announced three iPhones to chose from this year each sporting a brand new A12 chip and 6 core processor to make games look insane. The iPhone 8, 8 Plus, & futuristic (although a tad silly looking) iPhone X will also sport a brand new Super Retina OLED display. That combined with the massive processing power and Apple’s stranglehold on the quality of its App Store games makes for a very interesting direction the mobile landscape is heading. Super Mario Run anybody?

5. Oh no Call of Duty what are you doing!?

It should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that the Sony and Activision partnership has spawned a Call of Duty PS4 bundle. What does come as a surprise however is how gross the console looks and that once again it is not a PS4 Pro. Seriously what the f*ck is going on up there people. We want PRO Bundles damnit. Rant over. The Call of Duty WWII bundle will come with a 1TB PS4 in the exclusive came green style along with a non0-camo green Dual Shock 4 and a physical copy of the game all for $300. I want the controller for sure but the console itself looks kinda silly. Oh well.

6. The Switch goes big!

We already knew Skyrim was coming to the Nintendo Switch, but now we have an official release date and so much more. Skyrim will be launching on Nintendo Switch on December 17th but thats not the real big news. The big news is that Doom and Wolfenstein 2 will also be coming to Nintendo Switch! Doom will be available this holiday season and Wolfenstein 2 sometime in 2018. Third party support for the Nintendo Switch is coming in hot, although delayed. There was a crap ton of announcements made regarding the Switch this week but Grandmaster Chet already did a really nice recap [Editor’s note: I didn’t, sorry.] so you can check it all out here. Thanks, Bethesda!

7. Good scary things coming from Korea.

I know, I know they just fired a missile so maybe making Korea jokes isn’t the best idea. However, I thought it was funny. Anyway, Coma will be coming to a PS4 or PC near you very soon. Originally scheduled to launch in August the game will now be releasing on September 19th alongside Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite (you all know I had to mention this game at least once). Now let’s talk about Coma, the horror game set in an abandoned highschool that forces you to make your way out while avoiding possessed classmates and teachers. A new trailer was released to remind us that the premise of this game is not funny. Also for all of you who are still butt hurt about the Korea joke, relax the development team is from South Korea. Those are the cool guys.

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