April 3rd, 2018 by Vega Montanez

Welcome back Jesus! Now tell me where the easter eggs are coming from and why these rabbits are so fascinated by them! It doesn’t make any sense at all. And another thing, why has it been such a slow past few weeks for gaming news? Does that mean that its going to be a huge E3 or are we about to be really disappointed? I need answers. In the meantime I’m going to be providing my friends who check out this post an update on why they should feel like lucky gamers.

1. Level-5 Levels up for Switch.

Right out the gate, Level-5 announced it intends to be a big supporter of the Nintendo Switch from this point forward. Level-5 is the well known studio behind popular games on Nintendo 3DS, so this isn’t to surprising. Popular series from the studio include Professor Layton as well as Yo-Kai Watch. They are also the studio behind Ni No Kuni, so who knows what can happen? The first game coming to Switch in Japan however, comes from neither of those properties. The Snack World: Trejarers Gold, which comes our April 12th in Japan, might not be the first experience we were hoping for but it is the experience we are getting. Enjoy!

2. Woah Woah Woah, PSVR got an official price cut!

Now, if i can’t get Chet to get us an official Hard Mode Gamers PSVR at this point, I don’t know what I’ll do. As of March 29th, the official starting price for PSVR is $299. Thats $100 cheaper the launch price of the best selling VR gaming headset. Boom! I said it. Come at me bro. And with Sony estimating over 130 games will be coming to the platform by the end of 2018, this is the best time to get one. You hear that Chet? BEST TIME TO GET ONE. Even if half the games will be shovelware, that’s 64 more games than I’ll finish.

3. A new iPad approaches.

I know, we are still kind of unsure of where we stand with mobile games. I think its important to note that, there are experiences for everyone. This isn’t even about that though. Apple recently announced a new slightly cheaper iPad for education purposes. With that said, it’s still just an iPad. Its the cheapest iPad to have Apple Pencil support and is designed to work flawlessly with the latest versions of pages and spreadsheet. Apple’s own Tim Cook seemed very adamant about bringing iOS into the education field, but has never digressed from being excited to support gaming. So, what this really means for teachers is: A whole lot of detention for playing Fortnite in class.

4. Fortnite continues to outshine PUBG.

Ok, so that title is absolutely intentionally controversial. But hey, remember we are still growing and we need some attention every now and then. The big news here is that Fortnite smashed a big YouTube record. Fortnite is now the current holder of the YouTube record for most uploaded videos of a video game in a single platform. It all set a record for the biggest single live gaming stream with 1.1 million concurrent viewers. I could go on and on about these wild achievements this game has but instead I’ll leave you with one fun fact. Fortnite Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, (the guy who played live with Drake) is reportedly making a handsome career out of streaming. Congratulations to a fellow gamer on his success.

5. Incredible Nostalgia incoming.

As I get older, I look back on things I enjoyed as a child. Things like animated movies, action figures, and dinosaurs. In the past few years we’ve seen an incredible resurgence of some of the IP in many industries that were from my child. I am ecstatic to share with all my friends that not only, as I’m sure you heard, is the Incredible 2 movie officially a real thing but, we are also getting an official game! And not the cheesy kind but instead Lego: The Incredibles will be coming to all major platforms on June 15th. I couldn’t be more excited about this if I tried. Also, Jurassic World Evolution, the theme park simulator, will be bringing some dino-park nostalgia on June 12th. Ah, to feel like a kid again.

6. No Man excused on Xbox.

I’ll admit that was a tough title. Let’s break down what it means quickly before you think I’m crazier than I am. Microsoft announced it can now ban Xbox accounts for “Offensive Language”. This isn’t a policy change, it is just an updated measure of enforcement that will be applied to all of you excessively potty mouthed gamers. Realistically, I think this applies not to the everyday use of F bombs and stuff but more to the players on line who are out of control. And this update comes just as Hello Games announces that No Man’s Sky will be available on Xbox One this summer. The Xbox One version will be released with updates to visuals and include all the major updates from the game.

7. And recently announced we have…

A long awaited announcement but one that we are excited about regardless. Dragon Quest 11 will be released on PS4 and PC on September 4th. There are currently no plans to release it for Nintendo 3DS and the Switch version still has a long way to go according to Square Enix. THQ Nordic also announced Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One in Q2 2018. I applaud the naming convention and never got into this series so I might be down to give it a go. Last but not least we have Deathgarden, a 5-v-1 Shooter from the development team behind Dead By Daylight. Not much was said but they did say to expect to see it at PAX East for sure.

Back in my day I blew off class by playing Tetris on a graphing calculator. -Chet

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February 19th, 2018 by Vega Montanez

PSVR gets a discount, Persona 5 gets an App, & THQ gets, well, everything else.

We are 8 weeks into 2018 and the slow news weeks are starting to happen. That can only mean one thing; E3 approaches! Tickets went live last week and I don’t really know how many have been sold but it’s that time. I couldn’t let you guys down though so I had to dig real deep. And dig deep I did, here are the reasons you should feel like a Lucky Gamer this week:

1. No Hearthstone on Switch.

Straight to the point. Despite numerous ambiguous teases and tweets from Blizzard that may have felt promising, the game’s designer Dean Ayala has provided a firm “no”. It’s weird because Hearthstone is such a perfect fit for Nintendo Switch as a platform. The only speculation I could make at this time is that they don’t feel confident with the online infrastructure of the Nintendo Switch. Even that doesn’t entirely make sense for me because Splatoon 2 plays great. Maybe there are things about video game you can never understand from just playing. What are the odds?

2. No Hearthstone but at least you get De Blob.

One of the most amazing 3D platfomers of the last consoles generation is getting remastered for Nintendo Switch. De Blob, originally released back in 2008, will be coming to the Switch at some point in 2018 as tweeted by THQ Nordic. Last year we saw the release of the remaster on PS4 & Xbox one with the sequel coming sometimes this year. De Blob is one of those fun games that can serve as a cool party experiences to introduce new people to gaming. Given Nintendo’s recent track of cool additions to games, it will be really exciting to see what kind of bonus features De Blob will get. Maybe we’ll be able to dress up De Blob as Pikachu or link.

3. It’s the return of the purple dragon!

If someone would have told me that Skylander’s was not going to be the end of Spyro the Dragon, I would have laughed in their face. In fact I think I actually might have. So to anyone who’s face I laughed in, well I apologize. Much like I did when Crash Bandicoot made his remastered trilogy return. It turns out that was enough to push Activision and/or Sony to stop playing with our emotions and give us back our playstation mascots! That realization led us here: Spyro the Dragon Trilogy remaster is in the works and potentially coming to PS4 in Q3 of 2018. To put that in basic terms: Spyro is coming for Christmas, people! The trilogy is rumored to have the first three Spyro games remastered with brand new everything. Textures, assets, and all the other boring stuff. The real exciting news, which may come as a surprise to most, Crash and Spyro are potentially timed exclusive deals which means they may come to other platforms afterwards! This is going to be huge for two of the most iconic characters in video game history. Looks like the Gamers win again.

4. US government is against loot boxes, maybe.

It turns out it’s time for the government to get involved in video games again. It’s been a long while since the US government felt the need to step in and take stand in the video games industry. Fear not however fellow gamers, this time it appears they are on our side. At least thats what it looks like. US Senator Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire has issued a letter to our friends over at the ESRB establishing a strong outline of concerns regarding micro transactions. More specifically regarding Loot Boxes and Loot Box Systems. Her concern is primarily surrounding “in game purchases for surprise winnings” because they may be highly addicting. This comes hot on the heals of the World Health Organization update which adds “gaming disorder” as a diagnosable mental disorder. All of this follows Hawaii’s recent proposal of bills which specifically target Loot Boxes as a form of “illegal gambling”. Now that we have reached the end of this topic, I am no longer sure who’s side these people are actually on.

5. The Devil May Cry for free occasionally.

February 27th marks the day of the beast. Actually, I’m not sure if that is true at all. Something that is completely true is that starting on February 27th Devil May Cry HD will be available for free to all PC players with a Twitch Prime Membership. With Capcom running this promotion for an undisclosed length of time, rumors floating around of a Devil May Cry 5 on the horizon are staring to feel real true. Couple the free give away with the upcoming release of Devil May Cry HD releasing on March 13th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC makes for a powerful argument. I personally had nothing against the rebooted Dante for the most recent game, but I can’t wait to go back to hanging out with cool Dante. I also really hope the rumor of a new Devil May Cry is true regardless which Dante we get. Speaking of devils and demons, did I mention that Persona 5 is getting an official Mementos App? Well, in Japan at least.

6. Missing? Who’s missing?

There is only one name in the video game industry that evokes more confusion than the question “is a hot dog a sandwich?”. That name is Hidetaka Suehiro. Actually, no it’s not.  That’s the man that evokes confusion, however the name is Swery. And there you go, your hold world just flipped thinking bout what this guy has done now. Now let’s be very clear: Swery has provided absolutely no information about this game beside the fact he’s working with Arc System Works, and it’s called “The Missing”. Also, the game will “blow your mind” when it releases late this year. On the topic of Arc System Works and missing things, the first two DLC characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ have leaked and I can’t wait to (spoiler alert) play as Broly & Bardock.

7. THQ fills their shopping cart and PSVR hopes to fill yours.

THQ Nordic heard about the Lucky Gamer Recap and said “We are going to do something to get us on that damn list twice in one day!”. You read about De Blob remastered but that’s not all. It looks like THQ Nordic might have gotten their tax returns back early because they just made a very big purchase. In a roughly 150 million dollar deal, THQ Nordic just purchased Koch Media. What does that mean? Well let me give you an idea. Koch Media is the holding company of Deep Silver (Dead Island, Metro), Volition (Saints Row), and Dambuster Studios (Homefront). Ultimately this deal really just means that the THQ we remember watching fold in 2012 is getting right back up. With no plans for restructuring any of the current business plans, it seems some great things may already be in the works. On the flip side because its tax season, and in honor of big purchases, I have to share that PSVR will be $100 off from today (technically yesterday) until March 3rd. Looks like its time to jump on one of those bad boys, hey Chet!

Let me get this straight, THQ goes Bankrupt > Gets bought by THQ > Become THQ Nordic > Deep Silver buys Saints Row > THQ Nordic buys Koch Media > Koch Media is parent company of Deep Silver > THQ now owns Saints Row again. What kind of timeline is this?

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February 12th, 2018 by Vega Montanez

Exclusions, Announcements, & Hollywood

Wowzers, what a crazy week in the world of Gaming. Big announcements, unexpected exclusions, and to much hollywood involvement for my taste. It’s a beautiful time to be a gamer. How much luckier could you want to be? Wait, I have an answer. I want to be lucky enough to have been able to purchase a pair of Playstation Sneakers. I digress, here is the fun news for the lucky gamers:

1. Playstation (but say it in the commercial voice).

This week held a lot of surprise announcements from the house that rebuilt Sony. To start, rumors of a new Crash Bandicoot surfaced with the leak claiming a new game may be out as early as 2019. How realistic this rumor is, I don’t know. I do know that I am ridiculously excited regardless. On the less rumor more fact side of Playstation’s week, Sony announced the New Gold Wireless Headset. This new headset is the first major update to the headset since 2014 and boast a sleeker design, more comfortable headphone cushions, and dual noise canceling microphones. On top of that it still has 7.1 surround sound (and the companion app) and works with the PSVR or any other device with a standard headphone jack. And then we have the truly technological piece of news. The beta for PS4 firmware update 5.50 went live and includes a ton of amazing features. Things like Play Time Management for parental settings, two new tabs for the library, “This PS4”, showing everything currently installed on your PS4, and “PS plus”, and custom wall papers can now be installed via USB. It’s like the old PSP days, I can’t wait. Also, Babe Ruth will be a playable roster addition for MLB 18: The Show. You’re welcome.

2. Release dates, release dates, and release dates!

So many release dates! So many things to update on the calendar! Are you ready? Set? Go! A PUBG Xbox One S bundle was announced and will be released on February 20th, 2018. Pick this up and you’ll find yourself owning a 1TB White Xbox One S, PUBG, one month of Xbox Live, and one month of Xbox Game Pass Trial for $300. I thought PUBG was free, not sure anymore. Deadbolt, a new game from developer Hopoo Games, will be coming to PS4 and PS Vita on February 20th as well. Deadbolt is a stealth action hybrid game with every mission having ways to complete it that cater to any play style. The game I’m most excited about learning the release date for though is from developer Dontnod. Vampyr, the first game since Soul Reaver to be exclusively about vampires, is coming out on June 5th 2018. A little later than the planned release window but I’m just grateful the project wasn’t scrapped. And finally the PC master race will see the release of Breach, from Subset Games, the developers of FTL, on February 27th 2018. Woo that was a lot, time to start FFXV.

3. Tomb Raider & Sleeping Dogs playing in Hollywood?

Lara Croft has shown on multiple occasions, some successful and others not so much, that she is not afraid of the big screen. What’s really interesting this time around is that she’s stepping into the small public screen world. The new Tomb Raider movie will be getting an arcade game tie-in. Now ain’t that some sh*t (excuse my Swedish). A movie based on a video game is getting a video game tie-in. Someone help me understand. In the meantime, somewhere in the world Wei Shen is sitting in a room coaching Donnie Yen on how to be a Sleeping Dog. You know because Sleeping Dogs is getting its own movie adaptation that is currently in production according to Donnie himself. No director or anything in place yet, but I guess I’m down to take anything from Donnie Yen serious. I mean he’ll probably kick my ass if I don’t sooooooooooooooo.

4. Marvel gets snubbed at EVO.

I feel like the beginning of every console generation sees a ridiculous influx of racing games and fighting games. This topic is entirely enveloped in the latter. With all the fighting games that came out this year, both good and bad, and only 8 seats at the EVO table it was obvious something was going to get excluded. What wasn’t obvious, and honestly came as a bit of a surprise, was Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite being left at the door. It’s not the only interesting exclusion as King of Fighters 14 is also notably absent. The full list of tournament games is

  • Tekken 7
  • Super Smash Bros 4
  • Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
  • BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
  • Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2
  • Injustice 2
  • Super Smash Bros Melee
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ

The lineup is actually pretty consistent with what most of my friends in the gaming community are playing but still a tiny bit of a shocker. Not sure what the voting process is but that’s the lineup. The most entertaining part of the whole lineup for me though: BlazBlue technically isn’t even out yet! It literally comes out 2 months before EVO. Side note: Tomoko Hiroki, one of the producers of Dragon Ball FighterZ, said she’ll be competing at EVO so step your game up. {Editor’s Note: Two Smash Bros games? Really?}

5. Samus, don’t forget Riiiiiiiiddddggggeeeee Raaaccceeeerrrrr!

Rumors swirling around the mill say Namco Bandai is hard at work developing two games. One is significantly less surprising than the other. First we have the rumor that Ridge Racer 8 is in development. Like I said before, new console generation gets a slew of racing and fighting games. No surprise here, keep it moving. Now for the gasp inducing rumor. Namco Bandai may be developing Matroid Prime 4! The game was confirmed to be in development at E3 last year making this a very plausible and interesting rumor. With these rumors being pulled from the resume of an eager designer, it’s hard to determine how much salt to take with these. Especially because the final piece of the rumor is rather unique. We expect Metroid Prime 4 to be a Switch exclusive, but Ridge Racer 8 may exclusive as well.

6. Google it.

Google is reportedly stepping fully into the video game industry. According to sources cite by The Information, Google is hard at work developing a cloud based streaming platform. Very similar to Playstation Now, it is unclear if the new program will work through the existing Chromecast or a new Google gaming console. With the recent addition of former Xbox & Playstation executive Benedict Arnold, I mean Phil Harrison as Vice President this move seems very possible. What would Google offer remains to be the question and possibly the largest factor for the success of another service in a market not quite figure out. I’m rooting for you Google! You go out there and make Sony do better.

7. Fine, let’s address Kingdom Hearts 3.

With the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 potentially happening before the end of 2018, Disney and Square Enix have been showing very little to make it believable. This week they went big and announced the second Pixar based world in the upcoming game. The Monster’s Inc. universe is now officially part of the Kingdom Hearts universe. They showed off incredible character designed work recreation, as expected, and gave us some heartwarming time with series star Mike, Sully, and Boo. I wonder if including Monster’s Inc. will be the way that Disney addresses fan theories about around the connectivity of the entire Disney animated movie universe. Interesting, very interesting.

{I haven’t been to Dave & Buster’s in a long while but the Tomb Raider tie in may be worth a visit.}

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July 6th, 2017 by Kurt "Chet" Christel

I Can Get, But I Can’t Even

Get Even is a unique action adventure game developed by The Farm 51 and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. In the game you play a mercenary named Cole Black who appears to have some sort of involvement with a kidnapping and a bomb. Throughout it, you explore different memories to eventually figure out how everything transpired. However, as you go through the game, you will notice that there are several moments where something seems off about this method. The game combines many different types of gameplay elements and tries to manage them all. Does it succeed?


Way back in the old times (2014), the game was shown off with a very vague tech demo at E3 highlighting the detailed graphics of the game. Though it may not have held up to the original trailer (which seems to be the case with every E3 trailer), it got the job done with a gold star. This is both from a technical standpoint and an artistic standpoint. Environments, both indoor and outdoor are relatively small but they all flourish with minimal repetition. If anything, it could have used some more variety as you go through trash heap after trash heap, but at least said trash heaps are all well crafted. The concrete locations are littered with various tags and street art in every room. That, and the dissolving particle effect you get from unlocking memories, creating objects, and killing NPCs is stunning every time you do it.

STORY: 2/2

I don’t want to talk about it too much here, because this is the sort of game that is better if you know as little as possible before jumping in. The game revolves around exploring memories while finding clues with your phone. You are doing this to piece together all the parts of a vast series of events that led up to the aforementioned bomb and kidnapping. But any game that revolves around memory and the human psyche are bound to be riddled with plot twists. These plot twists really do deliver themselves routinely throughout the experience and add up to a rather surprising turn of events later on. But that’s all I really want to expound on right now.

AUDIO: 2/2

Now, the original soundtrack to this game isn’t the most astonishing in terms of just music. But what it does with the way the music and sound implementation is ingenious. Tracks play with odd time signatures that sometimes fall out of sync with themselves. Sometimes you hear people humming a song you heard in the soundtrack earlier on. There are other times where the soundtrack is played back at different speeds. Several characters have their own leitmotifs. At one point, two songs were playing at the same time and it was definitely intentional. One of the levels has a song wherein if you enter open combat, a loud bubblegum pop song plays instead of a serious orchestral piece. Additionally, there are moments where your breathing becomes louder than everything else. You also hear echos of non-natural sounds in the distance. Stealth sections have some really heavy distortion synth pad chords that get louder and louder the closer you get to an enemy NPC. What I’m saying is the audio design on this game is a perfect fit for the content within. Clever uses of diegetic & non-diegetic sounds are abound.


This is where the game gets a bit dodgy. Get Even has decided that the only way to be unlike any other game is to simultaneously consist of many different games all in one package. For better and worse, the game tries to do the following: first person shooter action, tactical stealth, horror with defense, and adventure. Yes, all of that. Whenever you’re in a section with many enemy NPCs, you can choose to shoot your way through it or sneak around. However, there are sections where open conflict seems mandatory, especially towards the very end. The game does a good job of letting you know that you are being actively judged for how you handle every situation too. When you’re not around NPCs, you spend some time exploring an asylum trying to find photographs for plot reasons, and this is where both the horror and puzzle elements prevail. Sometimes the asylum is quiet and peaceful while other times it’s like a haunted old mansion. What’s worse is the game is not afraid to implement overused horror tropes. Then there are bits where you have to solve actual puzzles in order to proceed and they aren’t very difficult, but they exist throughout the entire journey. The game is truly trying to be a jack of all trades and is definitely a master at none.

FUN: 1/2

Your mileage may vary greatly on how much you can tolerate the genre shifting. My experience on the whole package is positive. However, there are a handful of sections that can be frustrating, and this again depends on what part you are at. I remember a particular section where stealth was too hard and I ended up either shooting everyone up or sprinted away hoping the NPCs would not give chase. There was another section of the game where after rounding a corner and going outside of the asylum, the game dramatically switches to full on supernatural horror for no particular reason. At the same time, the tactical stealth was very engaging and the implementation of an actual corner gun really sets this title apart from the pack. All in all, the game was vexing enough that I feel at least one additional playthru (in which I murder everyone) will be warranted.

Get Even promised to be a unique game and it delivered. It is quite a psychological experience that you won’t soon forget after the credits roll. The only thing that really keeps the game hampered down is the inconsistency, which can greatly affect your enjoyment of the title. Overall, despite not being one of our top rated games this year, it is still a contender for GOTY 2017.

SCORE: 8/10

P.S. There’s a lot of involvement from inclusion of an in-universe VR headset and I personally think this kind of game would be great to have a VR version.

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June 20th, 2017 by Vega Montanez

In case you missed our exciting and official Hard Mode Gamers recap videos on Facebook, here are all 7 of the event recap videos from our YouTube page. All in one easy and convenient location. Watch and enjoy.

EA Play

Johnny “Sooper Vega” M from Hard Mode Gamers is here to talk about what went down at the EA’s new EA PLAY conference for E3 2017. Overall, it was not as grandiose as traditional E3’s. What did you think of the show? Like and subscribe, and comment below what you think could have been done differently.


Hard Mode Gamers talk about this year’s E3 for Microsoft went pretty well as they unveiled the new Xbox One X and several other great games and services too.


Bethesda had its annual press conference this week and we at Hard Mode Gamers would just like to respond with a solid, resounding, MEH. Mostly disappointing, the brought up games we didn’t expect, but didn’t show us stuff we clearly wanted to see. Did you like the show?

Devolver Digital

This is a recap video of what went on during the extremely NSFW “press event” from Devolver Digital. In truth, this recap video shouldn’t even be here because you should just go see the replay for yourself, but if you need to know what happens beforehand, Hard Mode Gamers has you covered (mostly, no guarantees). The show was essentially one of the greatest shitposts in gaming history.


Ubisoft is a bit of an oddity. You kind of take the entire publisher for granted and generally write off their games as samey (which is justified, their sandbox games all blend together sometimes). But at the same time, you think back and you realize that a lot of the games you like are Ubisoft products. The company may not be the best it can be currently, but it’s far from bad and this show was pretty decent. Plus, finally, a confirmation on “that game”.


The editor-in-chief and senior editor of Hard Mode Gamers drove 55 miles (each way), driving for about one hour (each way) to see the Sony Live E3 Experience in a theater. We aren’t angry, we’re just disappointed. Watch our recap to see what we saw at the show.

Nintendo Direct

Hard Mode Gamers were able to catch the Nintendo press conference just before heading into work which was great because the show was less than a half hour of content. But if Nintendo was going for quality over quantity, they hit their mark spectacularly.

How did you feel about this year’s E3? Who won? Who lost? We know it’s not really a competition but it still feels like one. Comment below and tell us what you think!

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June 16th, 2017 by Vega Montanez

Every year the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or better known as E3, rolls out with promises of exciting new games, brand new console experiences, & launch timeframes with precise accuracy. However, none of that is true. Those are the promises that consumers have falsely created through years of up and down presentations and a misguided sense of ownership of this event. It was primarily designed to provide a more exciting sneak peak for the investors of these major companies in order to get an idea of how they will see a return on investment. Every year, the front rows are populated by people who mainly are there to see the crowd reaction to whatever incredible footage is displayed on those massive screens. The following rows are taken up by journalist and members of the press who report on what they have seen for the general public and also for those investors who aren’t at the event. For investors, they get an idea of how interested the general population really is. The furthest back seats, now filled with consumers and fans, were used as camera pits for documenting the entirety of the event. Just taking seating arrangements into consideration, it is pretty clear the general public were never the intended audience and most likely still are not.

Prior to E3, game publishers needed to attend other trade shows, like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), to showcase upcoming products, both software and hardware. After a few unprofessional mistreatments, a crafty idea backed by powerful funding, and a micro war between CES and what would become E3, the new expo was born. Since its first show in May of 1995, E3 has grown to be the premier video game industry showcase in the world, but not without a few bumps along the road of course. The largest point of contention throughout the history of E3 has been the topic of public access. This includes times like allowing too much general public & non-industry bloggers through the doors, (making it difficult for investors to attend press conferences) to the more recent opposite end of the spectrum where publishers are pulling out of the event due to a lack of public access. Ultimately, the goal has always been to please the vendors of the event and the vendors’ primary goal is to financially benefit from the event.

It seems that by attempting to maximize the financial possibilities, companies have allowed themselves to blindly cater to the audible demands of the consumers which unfortunately know no boundaries. Major publishers have made every attempt to pressure developers in to pumping out incredible new trailers for potential new products. Many of these take 3-4 years to release after their first announcement. Other times, they get axed and never actually coming to life. Much of the blame can be placed on consumers’ insatiable desire for more.

Gamers still push for more, knowing they still have plenty on their plate to digest. The outcry is nonstop and hardly are the gamers universally satisfied with the amount of announcements, regardless of quality. Some gamers are satisfied with the mere splash screen of a new game supposedly in development while others require the deep in development showcase of in-engine gameplay. Regardless there will always be an argument for why whatever was displayed by the publisher just was not enough. The craving for more never goes away thus leaving most gamers feeling extremely dissatisfied with the showing of products at every single convention.

E3 has the potential to continue being the greatest and most important event in the entire gaming industry. The consumers are the only ones holding it back. It will not be until the gamers realize that they alone hold the key to the sense of impression and surprise (or lack thereof) that they feel after the event. Every conference can not present an onslaught of new game announcements while at the same time presenting release dates for new games when the video game development cycle on average is 3 years.

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June 10th, 2017 by Vega Montanez

It’s every gamers’ favorite time of the year; Electronic Entertainment Expo also known as E3. The big event where all our favorite and least favorite companies make announcements that make them legendary, for better or worse. Many have created long standing names of greatness while many more have become lifetime memes. Here are my predictions for the shenanigans that will take place at E3 2017! Disclaimer: Commander Kurt has agreed to purchasing me 1 taco for every prediction I get right, let’s get these tacos! [Editors Note: Lie detector has determined that was a lie.]

1. Project Scorpio: 399.99 & mediocre launch titles.
I know I’m the Sony/PlayStation fan boy so of course it should be expected of me that I think the launch titles for Microsoft’s new machine will be mediocre at best. I’m thinking crackdown, something Halo related, and Forza. Don’t misunderstand, I do think those games are great (except Halo, I don’t like Halo) but I don’t think they are fascinating enough to make me feel I need an Xbox. They killed the one game I really wanted to play (RIP Scalebound) so yea mostly mediocre. Along side of that I’m going to throw a price point guess and say $399.99! Or disaster.

2. Playstation family gets a price cut.
While we talk about prices my next prediction is a strong price cut across the entire PlayStation family, including the Vita & VR, in order to compete with the Scorpio launch. It makes the most sense considering Sony has a huge push on VR the smart move would be to announce a bundle for PS4 PRO that includes a PSVR. Now that would be great.

3. Playstation announces 3 new IP with 2018 release dates.
With so many first party studios under their belt and very few of them having released AAA titles for PS4 this is probably the safest bet. I’m saying 3 brand new IP’s that manage to have cinematic trailers that blow minds and all get announced for 2018. Bonus prediction: 2 of the 3 get delayed to 2019.

4. God of War, Spider-Man, & Days Gone all release before March 2018
God of War and Spider-Man have had very little talk since their initial surprise showing last year so maybe a little risky to say these guys are coming out soon. However, Days Gone I’m calling 100%. Days Gone will be a fall 2017 title. It has had so much gameplay shown and cinematic trailers that I just can’t imagine it not coming out this year and being the hard first party driver for Sony. My guess with God of War is that it falls into the spring and Spider-Man makes sense for this year cause you know, that new movie is kind of a thing.

5. Spyro Revival
After seeing the return of Crash Bandicoot get people all moist in their underwear it would only make sense to see the return of another beloved franchise like Spyro the Dragon. This case is a little different because Spyro didn’t entirely die, he just got beat up pretty bad by headlining a game that went on to forget all about him and then become forgotten by everyone. Way to go Skylanders.

~ Bonus Round ~

I had a few outlandish predictions/request that I really just wanted to let out. Of course these predictions are kind of outrageous so I’m not betting on any of these actually happening but boy would I be a happy camper if even half of one of these happens.

6. CapCom announces a new Onimusha Game
Onimusha is hands down my absolute favorite franchise from CapCom. Damn was that game amazing and at the time I was to young to pay attention to industry numbers and big people business to understand why it ended with Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams but I would love for it to come back, even if we only got an HD Remake of all 4 games. You can do it CapCom, don’t let me down.

7. Square Enix announces a new Legacy of Kain Game
Very similar to my Capcom prediction, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is very high on my list of games I wish would see a return. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen anything from this series since the PS2 days, with the best versions being on the PS1. There are some complexities behind the ownership of this IP so it makes a little sense we haven’t seen anything in a long time but with the PS4 pretty much bringing back the golden age of the PS2 maybe Sony could make some magic happen.

8. Nintendo & Sony Announce Crossover Partnership
With the Vita pretty much buried and Nintendo showing an extreme interest in letting me play my games everywhere but my living room, this could be magic. Imagine Sony making Playstation franchises available on Nintendo Switch so you could play anywhere while Nintendo gives us a few Mario games we could party on the PS4. What a golden world that would be! We already know Nintendo has been struggling with the third party support and Sony can’t manage to make mobile interesting so come on lets shake hands and make dreams come true. I would jump on board immediately.

Catch the E3 2017 schedule HERE

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June 10th, 2017 by Kurt "Chet" Christel

A lot of people are making predictions on what will show up to E3 2017’s press conferences. That’s fine and dandy and whatnot. But you know what? Whatever you do end up doing, I’m sure it’ll be okay. On the other hand, I have a bone to pick with some devs and publishers. I will now elaborate on that:

SEGA recently said they were planning to look into doing more with their older properties. Jet Set Radio Future, AKA the superior Jet Set Radio game, came out in 2002. That’s 15 years. It’s an old property. I’m not saying they should do it but, OH C’MON I WANT A SEQUEL PLEASE.

Well Michel Ancel, is the game being worked on or not? We saw some stuff at an E3 ages ago, then it disappeared. It reappeared later on only to disappear again. Why even make it at this point? It’s a foregone conclusion and a game taking this long to come out will never live up to the amount of hype that builds over that amount of time. No, Prey (2017) doesn’t count, that final product was clearly not the result of a 10-year development cycle like the original was, that was just an Arkane Studios game with Prey plastered onto it. What was I on about now?

How the hell do you let a game be developed for so long and then suddenly decide, “Nope, all this hard work clearly won’t do, kill the entire project.” You could have given us what was finished, make it a budget price, and digital only because we love digital-only games here. Microsoft, please. I like you and I love a lot of your original titles, but I’m calling bullsh*t here if you’re claiming they didn’t have a working game to some degree ready to go in a reasonable amount of time. No, instead you’re just gonna leave us with Crimson Dragon instead, which is just Panzer Dragoon only its neither interesting nor fun.

Adding parkour to videogames was probably the best idea Ubisoft ever had. And EA made some great games that include free-running gameplay mechanics that really enhance the experience. You made Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, which is probably more than any of us deserved, but you made it and I love you for it. You also made one of the best campaigns for an FPS in recent years with Titanfall 2, which really enhances the free-running mechanic and makes you move faster by doing so. Truly, it was a game after my own heart. You already know that these two games secretly take place in the same universe, so at the very least we could get even more DLC for both of them (or any at all for MEC). You said you were pleased with MEC’s sales and also said that you were displeased but not ready to give up on TTF2. You can make more content for either game or both. The ball is in your court.

You know we want it. And have Obsidian make it. Just have Bethesda do the QA. Actually no don’t do that, make Valve do it, they’re pretty good with QA.

Other than that, do whatever the heck you want.

Catch the E3 2017 schedule HERE

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June 10th, 2017 by Wayne "Big Gorgeous" Henrique

Oh yeah…. thanks for nothing EA! Your conference was weak and you should feel bad.

2. Nintendo Doing Something Not Stupid
So it’s gonna happen eventually, but a new Metroid game would be nice. One that isn’t a giant pile of poop and just trying to implement new features and sucks because Ninendo can’t just make a simplistic f*cking game anymore. Get simpler guys, it would sell so much better!!!! Oh also, if that happens, please also make it for Wii U cause idk if I really need a switch.

3. Archer: The Game!!!!!!!!
Why the fudge we don’t already have this game is beyond comprehension. There are just so many ways they could go with this game. It could look like just like the show. Maybe open world, 3rd person shooter, just for the love of all that is holy don’t give me a crap soaked Telltale game! [Editor’s Note: The Archer pinball table is pretty dope.]

4. No more digital only!!!!
Yeah that’s wishful thinking 🙁

5. Second wind for the Vita
Again just wishful thinking. But I would love to have a bigger more diverse library of vita games. And I’m not alone on this one.

6. ATARIBOX????????
I just can not wait to hear more about this. Like seriously beyond excited! I love my Ataris and they are still in active rotation. Yes, I have a working Atari. It is the best.

Catch the E3 2017 schedule HERE

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June 10th, 2017 by Zeke Gonzalez

Hey guys, I’m KingZ from Hard Mode Gamers. I have to say I’m excited for E3 this year. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. Now everyone usually lists what the want to happen at the show but why speculate when you know what you’re excited for? Instead of prediction, here’s the top games I’m looking forward to from the bit three.

13 Sentinels: Aegis RIM
A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher
Crash Banditcoot N.Sane Trilogy

Agents of Mayhem
Sea of Thieves
State of Decay 2

Switch: Pokken Tournament
FIFA Switch
Runner 3
Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology

Mouth watering list, are you excited yet? I personally I have my eye on Crash Banditcoot, because it was one of my favorite games growing up. I’m sure I’m not alone there! A lot of great stuff is coming this year.

[Editor’s Note: Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me. I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed. She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an “L” on her forehead. Well the years start coming and they don’t stop coming and they don’t stop coming coming and they don’t stop coming and they don’t stop coming coming and they don’t stop coming and they don’t stop coming coming and they don’t stop coming and they don’t stop coming coming and they don’t stop coming and they don’t stop coming coming and they don’t stop coming and they don’t stop coming coming and they don’t stop coming and they don’t stop coming coming and they don’t stop coming and they don’t stop coming coming and they don’t stop coming and they don’t stop coming catch the E3 2017 schedule HERE ]

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