September 29th, 2018 by Kurt "Chet" Christel

Another month, another round of games up for grabs if you have a premium account on Xbox, PS4, and Switch. Consider the following for your enjoyment. PlayStation has been particularly generous this month, with 6 total games, all of which are fairly decent and fresh. But first…

Xbox Live Gold

Overcooked! – Ever wanted to work in a kitchen? Now you can, with this fast and frenetic game. Featuring a multitude of settings and crazy dishes, this game will have you running back and forth with haste as you try to prepare dish after dish. And problem after problem will arise. Can you handle that? Honestly, I think working a kitchen in real life is hard enough. I can’t imagine doing it for fun. Still, surprisingly enough, you may learn a thing or two about culinary arts with this creative game.

Victor Vran – Did you enjoy the Van Helsing games? How about a direct knockoff? Because this action RPG is full of paranormal monster hunting action. Now, no, it’s not actually provable to be a knockoff, but clearly, some inspiration happened.

Stuntman: Ignition – If you’re a Forza Horizon fan (and you sure as hell know I’m one), you might be interested in this previous gen title. This game is what the title implies, a racing game based on performing crazy, action-filled, driving sequences for the movies. These are basically what the “showcase events” became in Forza. Only you do showcase events all the time, instead of just here and there.

Hitman: Blood Money – AKA THE BEST HITMAN GAME EVER MADE (fight me). This iteration of Hitman was the last of its kind before the soft reboot from Absolution. Offering a wide variety of very memorable and unique assignments, Blood Money will take you across the world to meet interesting people and kill them. From hillbilly swamp to a vineyard, a festival, and a rave, this game will stick in your mind as you enjoy some of the most ludicrous murders ever put to a game.

PlayStation Plus

Friday the 13th The Game – This game had a troubled release, due to being a multiplayer only game that had several server issues. Now that it’s been out for a while, it runs a lot better. Enjoy the game of cat and mouse as you either play as the innocent campers trying to survive the night. Or, play as Jason and hunt those campers down. If you are a fan of slasher/horror films, you are almost guaranteed to have a good time, playing as one of horror’s most iconic figures.

Laser League – Ever want to play a Tron game? I mean, a GOOD Tron game? This might be the ersatz winner for you. Dropped into a neon-lit multiplayer arena, you fight other plays while simultaneously dodging walls and traps. Man, this month is big on multiplayer.

The Bridge – Have you ever looked at a painting by MC Escher and thought, “yeah, I’d like to walk around in that?” Here’s the game for you. A puzzle platformer based on perspective, physics, and rotation make this game a smart and challenging title. Dig in as you try to wrap your head around the ominous ins and outs of a 2d game that possibly exists in four-dimensional space. And stuff.

2046: Read Only Memories – If a solid point-and-click adventure is your jam, here’s an interesting sci-fi adventure for you. This title features a retro, pixel art design that is growing more and more popular the world of new age P&C adventure titles. Prepare to be engrossed in a tale of rogue AI and a few of your favorite video game voice actors.

Master Reboot – Bringing the list of sci-fi games into a triple threat, this title is a new adventure that has you navigate your way through a series of fragmented memories to uncover a dark tale. There are several puzzles to solve, and the variety of stages varies greatly. So there’s plenty of surprises to be had in this cyberpunk caper.

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution – And finally, if all you really want is to enjoy a solid, twin-stick shooter experience, you have this. A comedic tale of the avian variety, you will be taken through a series of tough and engaging levels. An absolutely action-packed experience.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo are going all-in on their retro console experience, sharing more and more NES games that you can take with you anywhere. These games are pixel perfect. What’s new for October? You will be getting NES Open Tournament Golf, Solomon’s Key, and Super Dodge Ball.


[Update 10/5]
Shadow Warrior 2 appears to be free on and will be good to download for 11 days from the time of posting.

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July 3rd, 2017 by Wayne "Big Gorgeous" Henrique

The slashing will continue until morale improves!

After what seems like years of waiting it is finally here! Made by Illfonics, Friday the 13th The Game is an asymmetrical third-person survival game. You can try and survive as a camper (AKA victims) or cause pandemonium and rip everyone apart as the man himself, Jason Vorhees. The developer got the majority of its funds from Kickstarter and had the backing of original F13th director Sean S. Cunningham (and horror icons like Cain Hodder and Tom Savini). What can I say? Most big time horror fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on this.


How does it look? Pretty damn good! I initially thought that this was going to look much better, but they were just okay. I was disappointed in the in game characters reaction faces. They just seemed very cartoon-like. Sometimes you get caught in a weird camera angle or a killing scene and start seeing some clipping and glitching. But overall the permformance is quite smooth. Plus, the Jason skins look pretty ‘on-point’ for the most part.

STORY: 0/2*

So during development we (the consumers) were told that there would be a some single player campaign. Now that game is out, there’s only multiplayer… for now. There isn’t really any story to the actual game. It relies more on the nostalgia of the movie series, and that’s not a bad thing. I know for me, being able to stalk and murder someone as Jason was the selling point. I have Dead by Daylight and even with the Halloween DLC being so awesome… JASON IS THE MAN! Sorry Mr. Carpenter, I still love you though. But developers say we will be getting some single player stuff so with hope, we wait.

AUDIO: 2/2

No complaints here! From the screaming or screeching of the victims, the hacking and slashing sounds during the kills to the music and the way it’s used is just absolutely perfect. That signature Jason ‘leitmotif’ sound is used when Jason is close to you and it just happens so abruptly you almost forget you’re in a game and freak out that Jason is right behind you! The “terror” music is also used not just for sounds but also as a notification that someone in your group is being attacked. For me at least hearing those things put me on edge, making it easy to get lost in the game.


So this game is actually quite easy to pick up and play! Pretty standard controller layout is shown during loading screens (which can take some time). Some of the game mechanics like Jason’s “shift” ability can be kinda hard to control around obstacles. I mentioned before some of the camera angles are really rough especially when in the cabins. The biggest flaw was trying to play this when it was released for consoles and NOT GETTING TO PLAY! I would like to lower the score for that, but since its release the devs have been working hard to fix this issue. They even released some free skins as a thank you for the patience of their customers. Classy move guys!

FUN: 2/2

Despite the bugs and server problems this game is just so awesome to play. Maybe I’m just a fan boy of the subject matter [edtior’s note: he is], but getting to murder as Jason is breathtaking. I found myself getting so excited and giggling like a schoolgirl when I finally grabbed that damn teenager and ripped their head off! Even when you are one of the victims getting killed is just too much fun. The music gave great atmosphere and I was just engulfed when playing. Once I got onto a good server with awesome people I was able to play game after game, and these aren’t the shortest game sessions. They are short sessions if the randomly selected Jason is bad at it.

So many people have been waiting for this game and I have to say yes it delivers! It’s not a perfect game by any means. Friday the 13th is buggy and has server problems but it’s all worth it once you get that first kill. The gamer in me loves it for being a fun and sometimes frustrating game but the horror fan in me has the hugest boner for it!

SCORE: 6/10

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