July 27th, 2017 by Stefan Adrian "AdminMas7er" Robu

Lawbreaker, Dream Maker, A Love Taker

LawBreakers is an upcoming arena-style First Person Shooter developed by Boss Key Productions and published by Nexon. I had some opportunities to try out the game during some of its alpha and beta stages.

Compared to other arena-style shooters on the market, Lawbreakers brings something new, but rather remmiscent of good ‘ol Quake, but in the form of low gravity. This makes the maps a lot more vertical and a lot more fast-paced. It also feels like Overwatch, but with a higher skill-gap.
Speaking of skill-gap, the characters are REALLY HARD to master, and not as easy to use. Sure there may be some characters which are, let’s say, noob-friendly (e.g Vanguard). Others are having some high-skill requirements, such as the Gunslinger. Game-modes wise; the modes are pretty easy to understand in the case of “what am I supposed to do”. Currently there are only 4 game modes: Overcharge, Turf War, Uplink and Blitzball.

Not much to say, really. The maps are really well made, aiming at a combo of good looks and playability, also including some low-gravity areas, mostly in the center of said maps. These are also, the objective spots.

The game is made in Unreal Engine 4, and that’s a very powerful and nice-looking engine. Performance-wise? It runs pretty well, even in the most recent Beta. For consoles, the game aims at a 60FPS target, even having PS4 Pro support at launch to make the game look even better.

First Impression Overall
Compared to Overwatch, LawBreakers takes a more serious tone, and that’s seen in its looks and its gameplay. For me, having played a bit of both Overwatch and LawBreakers, I feel that this could be a strong contender to its popularity, while the PC Beta may be gone, the Playstation may have a chance soon to try the game as well.

LawBreakers is currently slated for release on August 8th for PC and Playstation 4.

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