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October 21st, 2018 by Vega Montanez

Remasters, VR, Rail Shooters, and Demos

In this discussion, we talked about Zone of the Enders: Second Runner, Mars VR, a major re-release of another classic Kojima game. But with this, comes many questions along with it, because of the history of the game. Do some remasters matter? Does VR actually enhance anything? Should a game get released with a demo for another game? And what constitutes a rail shooter? As usual, we will talk about #onlythefacts.

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September 1st, 2015 by Kurt "Chet" Christel

So, looks like “Late to the Party” is a thing after all, as I recently got a chance to pick up Titanfall for a whopping six dollars. This is after they announced the season pass was free, so essentially I got a complete edition for less than $10. That’s really nice. But is the game nice? With a free season pass and a low asking cost, does this entirely multi-player-only first person shooter experience welcome new players? The short version is: yes, it really does.

As far as multi-player FPS’s go, I usually don’t jump in until I finish the campaign first, and even then, unless I’m playing with friends, my sessions are usually only a handful of games long. It’s not as if I get bored easily, it’s more like I’m just easy to satisfy. Coming from being a big Halo player, Titanfall frequently surprises me by giving the same sense of fulfillment I get from a good set of Halo matches. Given this new game’s pedigree of being from a few of the Call of Duty creative team, it pleases me to play the game and end up with something far more than just “more COD”. I don’t even dislike COD, I just don’t enjoy the multi-player. So onward with the experince:

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