October 8th, 2015 by Kurt "Chet" Christel

In case you don’t pay attention to kids’ games as much as I do, it may have passed you by that there’s a new LEGO game out. It’s called LEGO Dimensions, and in the vein of games like Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and maybe Amiibos, it’s one of the games where you put little figures on a reader and they appear in the game. LEGO does you one better though, because you get to build the figures as you would most LEGO things before you put them on the scanner. In fact, this game takes it a step further and allows you to customize vehicle figures into 3 different configurations, and each configuration will appear in the game. That’s legitimately cool!

You wanna know what isn’t cool though? The “in-real-life downloadable content by way of toys” that games like these have. There are three types of add-ons you can buy from the store. Green striped boxes are called “Fun Packs” and feature one character and one vehicle, orange striped boxes are called “Team Packs” and feature two characters and two vehicles, and the yellow striped boxes are called “Level Packs” and feature a character, vehicle, object, and additional levels. This IRLDLCbWoT model can be quite costly, as team packs and level packs are $25 and fun packs cost $15. The base game? One hundred dollars. But that’s par for the course on games like this, right? Right? Besides, it’s got cool stuff like Scooby-Doo, Doctor Who, Simpsons, DC Comics, Portal 2, Back to the Future, the Hobbit, Jurassic World, and holy crap was that PORTAL 2?

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