July 21st, 2017 by Kurt "Chet" Christel

Spend some quality time with the games you love.

July is a slow week for releases. So, now’s the time to reach through that back catalog of games you’ve bought but haven’t played yet (unless you like Final Fantasy XII or Splatoon, you’re all set). As you await bigger releases in a few more weeks, have you ever thought about how to spend some of your quality time with the games you love or want to play more? Well, there’s a new gaming-centric getaway here in Rhode Island and it goes by the name of X1 Elite Gaming Lounge. What is this place, you ask? Let’s take a quick photo tour.

The front desk has everything you need to get started. The latest games, the greatest snacks, and the hottest setups are all here to begin your playing experience. The staff is friendly, courteous, and most importantly, big time video game fans. Before you even start no-scoping some noobs, you’ll have a chance to talk with the owners and brothers, Danny and Jonathan Fana. When you’re ready to get your game on, these guys will be ready to get you hooked up.

Right as you walk in, you know that every form of gaming is supported, with a promenade that features three tables for any kind of tabletop gaming you enjoy. Whether you fancy rousing games of Magic the Gathering or a good old fashioned run of Dungeons and Dragons, you now have the perfect space for it.

Onwards into the main chamber, you’re open to many choices for gameplay figuration. Wanna play with a partner? There’s a setup for that. Are you a lone wolf? You’re covered. Are you ready for an intense 4v4 LAN extravaganza? You’re still in good hands. The possibilities here are a spectacular way to return games to the social experience they were always meant to be.

It also doesn’t matter if you have a console preference. Steer left and you’re in the Xbox One zone while the right side hosts the Playstation 4 setup. But maybe you just want to play your Nintendo Switch? There’s chairs in the back to play whatever handheld you want. You want more? Well the back has a Playstation VR set up and ready to go, so if you’ve been itching to try out the cutting edge of gaming technology, X1 Elite Gaming Lounge has you covered on any front.

X1 Elite Gaming Lounge is the premiere location for an excellent gaming experience. Its open now and ready for you to stop on in and PLAY. Their hours are:

Monday-Thursday 11AM-10PM
Friday-Saturday 11AM-11PM
Closed on Sunday

The address for the lounge is at:

725 Branch Ave
Providence, RI 02904

For more information on pricing, visit the X1 Elite Gaming Lounge website.

DISCLOSURES: Hard Mode Gamers and its contributors were not paid for in any form for the coverage of this brand new business. HMG is based out of Rhode Island and find it beneficial to raise awareness for everything available to gamers in the local area.

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