Wayne’s List of Things He’d Like to See at E3 2017 Regardless of Plausibility

Oh yeah…. thanks for nothing EA! Your conference was weak and you should feel bad.

2. Nintendo Doing Something Not Stupid
So it’s gonna happen eventually, but a new Metroid game would be nice. One that isn’t a giant pile of poop and just trying to implement new features and sucks because Ninendo can’t just make a simplistic f*cking game anymore. Get simpler guys, it would sell so much better!!!! Oh also, if that happens, please also make it for Wii U cause idk if I really need a switch.

3. Archer: The Game!!!!!!!!
Why the fudge we don’t already have this game is beyond comprehension. There are just so many ways they could go with this game. It could look like just like the show. Maybe open world, 3rd person shooter, just for the love of all that is holy don’t give me a crap soaked Telltale game! [Editor’s Note: The Archer pinball table is pretty dope.]

4. No more digital only!!!!
Yeah that’s wishful thinking 🙁

5. Second wind for the Vita
Again just wishful thinking. But I would love to have a bigger more diverse library of vita games. And I’m not alone on this one.

6. ATARIBOX????????
I just can not wait to hear more about this. Like seriously beyond excited! I love my Ataris and they are still in active rotation. Yes, I have a working Atari. It is the best.

Catch the E3 2017 schedule HERE

June 10th, 2017 by